CANKA Denizcilik ve Tic Ltd has been providing well known marine equipment into the Turkish market for many years.The aim is to keep customers satisfaction at maximum level with its professional team on sales, service and spare parts supplies.


Aux Gensets

Emergency -Harbour Gensets


SCR System (Tıer III)


Deepwell Cargo Pumps

Electric Hydraulic Powerpack (EHP)

Variable Speed Drive System (VSDS)

Pump Control Desk

Cargo Master System

Tank Radar Sensor

 Tank Radar Sensor

Cargo Master Monitoring System

Portable Tank Cleaning Machine

Tank Cleaning Machine

Gas Freeing Fan

PV Valves

Seut Blind Flange Valve

Seut Blind Flange Valve

Remote Control Valves

Remote Control Valves

Sewage Treatment Sys.

Oily Water Separator

Uv Disinfection & Vacuum & Hydrophore Systems

Reverse Osmosis Purification System Water

Level Master

Load Master

Air Whistle


Electric Whistle


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